Odour Eliminator Spray

Odour Eliminator is our specially formulated ready to use product providing fast results when you are on the move. Ideal for getting rid of those nasty odours associated with everyday activities, sportswear and equipment. Unlike other brands Odour Eliminator is based on silver ions where its natural ability inhibits the growth of microbes that cause bacteria and their associated odours. Odour Eliminator eliminates unwanted tough stubborn odours caused by sweat, dampness and storage. So whether you are a professional sports person or a recreational enthusiast this product makes controlling unwanted odours a breeze.

Odour Eliminator is available in two pack sizes, firstly our 100ml atomiser spray bottle is just the perfect fit for any kit bag, suitcase, car glove box or handbag. Our 475ml trigger spray bottle is ideal for the most active of people and the smelliest of odours. Both bottles are easy to use just follow our directions below.


  1. Shake bottle well prior to use.
  2. Spray the required area ensuring full coverage of the material.
  3. Leave to dry.
  4. Repeat as necessary.
You can use Odour Eliminator on just about anything check out our table below:

ActivityUse Odour Eliminator On
Surfing, Body Boarding, Sailing, Rowing, Kayaking, Life Saving, Jet Skiing, Windsurfing, Scuba DivingWetsuits, Gloves, Boots, Rash Vests, Swim Suits, Helmets, Tow Lines, Life Jackets, Towels and Kit Bags, Deck Shoes, Footwear
Football, Rugby, Basketball and NetballShirts, Shorts, Socks, Boots, Trainers, Headgear, Shin Pads, Under Armour, Jock Straps, Kit Bags, Training Vests, Body Protectors, Sweat Bands
Cricket, Hockey and LacrosseClothing, Pads, Gloves, Head Gear, Equipment Handles
Skateboarding, Inline Skates and Roller SkatesFootwear, Protective Equipment, Caps, Beanies back packs and grips
HouseholdMattresses, Sofas **, Pet Beds, Pedal Bins, Recycling Bins
AutomotiveCarpets and Interior fabric **
OutdoorsTents, Sleeping Bags, Storage Bags, Fishing Waders
AnimalsPet Beds and Saddle Blankets and even your pets coats (avoid contact with eyes and mouth)
** Care should be taken when using on leather.
Funk-Out uses