Rash-Off has been specially formulated as both a preventative against and treatment for wet suit rashes, chafing and other minor sporting abrasions. Based on our silver ion technology this anti-microbial lotion has a built in moisturiser which soothes, waterproofs and protects affected areas.

For maximum protection apply “Rash-Off” to your skin pre and post physical activity and exposure to your wetsuit or other sporting apparel.

Rash-Off has the following added benefits:

  • Biodegradable, Odourless and Hypoallergenic
  • Helps prevent blisters and scar formation
  • Helps stop the skin from drying or cracking unlike alcohol based treatments
  • Totally non hazardous - no nasty chemicals!
  • Easy application and dries in minutes leaving no residue

Rash-Off is available in two pack sizes, firstly our 10ml easy open "one shot application" sachet is just the perfect choice fit for any kit bag, hold luggage, car glove box, wallet or handbag.

Our 100ml lotion pump is the perfect choice for those prone to regular irritation from rashes, cuts and even insect bites. The easy to use self locking pump system makes it an ideal travel companion for training camps, competitions, holidays and hygenic sharing.

Rash- Off is easy to apply just follow the directions below:

Pre-Activity Protection

With clean hands gently apply cream to the affected area

Post-Activity Healing

  1. Ensure that the affected area is clean and free from small contaminants/debris
  2. With clean hands gently apply cream to the affected area
Outdoor WaterWetsuit Rash
Running, Walking, TriathlonChafing and blisters
CyclingSaddle sores
Rowing, Kayaking, Gig RowingBottom Blisters
Work and Sports WearChafing
LadiesSensitive areas around bras

WARNING: This product is not to be taken internally and contains nut oil.

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